i love how people are hating on Dan Schneider on Twitter saying Sam would never put up with Cat Valentine, yet Sam is best friends with Carly who, even though isn’t as eccentric as Cat, is nothing like Sam either. So please shut up and think about your life.

is it really that hard to reblog like why must you take my edits and claim them as your own I do not understand.

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refreshing Justins twitter every 10 seconds praying he tweets her about the video. PLSSS omg my feels ugh i will go down with this ship

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reblog this if you got jariana feels. tell me, im not the only one hoping justin watches the video.

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i went to try and make good gifs of the video but the coloring is all blue and green and weird and ugh bless whoever is able to make decent looking gifs out of the video ohk.

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Ariana Grande - Die In Your Arms Cover Video

Ariana Grande in the Miami Florida Easter Parade.